evening colic

dear world,

ever hear of evening colic? well, i certainly hadn’t until last week.

most of the time, baby N is a normal newborn. she sleeps, she wakes up crying because she’s hungry, she poops, she eats and we do it all over again. when she’s not sleepy, she stays awake. during the day, this means she’s alert and looking around. she’ll sit in her bouncy seat and hang out. she’ll watch V play with her trains. she’ll watch us make lunch together. and then, evening rolls around.

for 4 days in a row last week, she just cried from about 5pm to 9pm. not little cries like i have poop in my pants. big, gigantic cries like i’m in pain, i hate you, you’re poisoning me with this milk you’re trying to get me to eat. she arched her back. she turned her face red. inconsolable.

finally, i called the doctor because this is not normal. and it turns out it can be normal. it’s called evening colic and it’s neurological. according to the doctor, as babies get more social it gets develops and then goes away. he didn’t say how long it took, though. i felt like we had good news and bad news: good because nothing is wrong, bad because we can’t do anything to help soothe her. she is just going to cry like we’re pinching her until she’s done and falls asleep.

i’ve spoken with several other mothers who have dealt with this situation and gotten some very good advice. walking seems to help the most. one mother of two suggested walking outside (which we tried last night and it worked great!). her older child cried in the evenings and when her new daughter didn’t, she thought something was wrong with her. ultimately, everyone says it eventually goes away, but it’s really horrible in the midst of it. you feel so helpless.

keeping her in motion has worked the best so far, but i’m just waiting for that solution to fail. everything with a baby is temporary. what works today has nothing to do with what will work tomorrow. does anyone have any other suggestions?

looking for ways to calm a sad baby,



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