40 pounds of apples

dear world,

we took the girls apple picking two weekends in a row. i had never been apple picking before and V had talked about it at school. during dinner one night, she asked if we could go apple picking. we said sure. then had to ask facebook where one goes apple picking anyway.

nothing like an apple picked off the tree!

we went to lynd’s farm out in pataskala. you pull into the orchard, someone asks you if you want the big bag or the small bag, you park and go pull apples off the tress. it’s pretty cool. of course, the first time we went, natalie needed to eat as soon as we got there so i missed the first bit of picking, but after nursing her in the car for 15 minutes i still managed to join the fun. MHM and V ate about 7 apples each and still filled the big back with 20 pounds of apples.

the next weekend, we took nana and grandma m for the bigger purpose of picking out pumpkins, but came home with another 20 pounds of apples. that is a lot of apples.

so far, we have made 2 apples pies, 2 apples crisps and a batch of apple sauce. all of which turned out pretty good. i’m exceptionally proud of the apple pies. it’s the first time i’ve made crust by myself (V helped. by myself means without my mother-in-law actually making it for me.) and not only was it edible, but it tasted good! it wasn’t too pretty, but no one in this house minded.

practicing to be betty crocker,



2 Responses to “40 pounds of apples”

  1. 1 aunti manda October 18, 2011 at 9:08 am

    you “took the girls”!!


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