remembering who’s in charge

hello world,

yesterday i had such high hopes for things i would accomplish. V went to school and i thought baby N and i would check things off the list left and right. here’s the list: laundry, return items at gap and old navy, go to post office, stop in the office to say hello.

here’s what actually happened:

1. fed the baby, put her in the car and drove 20 minutes to the mall

2. parked the car, put the baby in the front pack carrier and realized i had left the item to be returned at home

3. decided to go look for a winter coat (already have the baby out, need to do it anyway, why waste a trip?)

4. realize winter coats cost way more than i thought and go back to the car

5. put the baby back in her seat, try to give her a pacifier and realize she needs to eat

6. take the baby back out of the car seat, move to the passenger seat of the car and feed the baby (who was apparently starving! she ate for a full 30 minutes)

7. give up and go home

8. feed the baby

it makes me laugh that i keep thinking i can keep some sort of schedule or stick to any kind of plan with a newborn baby. she needs to eat when she’s ready and sometimes that’s right in the middle of running errands. at least she’s clear about what she wants.

still learning the cues,



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