the limitless energy of a 3 year old

dear world,

i have never seen a person move as much as my daughter. seriously, she never stops. top speed, top volume, all the time!!!

my mother in law visited this weekend and yesterday, grandma m and V got a lot of time together. V didn’t take a nap, but did manage to have actual quiet time in her room for half an hour – a small miracle. then, she saw grandma asleep on the sofa when we came downstairs and instead of yelling to wake her up, she came into the kitchen with me and we made tomato sauce for dinner. she chopped onion, grated carrots and squished the tomatoes. she focused, showed interest and honestly helped. it was pretty amazing.

then, she played with grandma from about 3pm until she crashed  into a crying pile of over tired. they were inside, they were outside. when i looked out the back window, V was literally running in circles around her balloon. she never stopped moving. and by moving i mean running and yelling at the same time. there is no moderation right now. she sang the diego song. she sang all around the mulberry bush. she bossed grandma around the backyard. say this. sit here. no, grandma, here.

i’m at once in awe of her energy and dismayed that i cannot figure out how to help her slow down. she gets so intent on whatever is in her head at that moment that she’ll tune everything else out. you know, like my voice. i can hear her saying “no mommy” in my sleep. she doesn’t say hello or yes? or what did you say? she starts almost every interaction with me with “no mommy” because i’m not doing the thing of the moment.




2 Responses to “the limitless energy of a 3 year old”

  1. 1 Doodling Through Life October 10, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    My toddler is almost 16 months but doesn’t stop moving either!! luckily, she’s napping now, hence this post :). But I can relate. I can’t wait for her to be helpful in the kitchen…sounds amazing!

    • 2 candidlymommy October 12, 2011 at 6:30 am

      good luck! you have a lot of busy months ahead of you. helping in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do with V. she feels useful and we usually make something yummy. yesterday we made applesauce which she thought was the coolest.

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