adventures in parenting

dear world,

we’ve tried so hard to slip baby N in with our regular family routines, but it’s still a big adjustment for V. yesterday, i think she must have had a rough day at school because she pretty much fussed and whined and threw a fit the whole rest of the night at home.

the challenge for me is that because i decided to breastfeed, i’m the only one who can feed the baby. this means that when N needs to eat at bedtime, i can’t do bedtime. when N needs to eat at the same moment we’re sitting down to dinner, i have to step away and feed her. (i haven’t yet mastered the skill of nursing the baby and doing anything else yet.) i think V is a little pissed, frankly.

my husband is amazing with V and will take N if i ask him to, but i have to ask. he explained to V that i have a special job that only i can do which is true, but i feel so separated from her and if i feel like that then i bet she feels the same way. overall, i think we’re all adjusting relatively well to our bigger family, but i miss my special time with V, too.

i got a voicemail from my sister this morning asking what it’s like to have two kids. it hasn’t really sunk in for her yet. i simply don’t know how to respond to that. it’s not a question of sinking in it’s a question of managing all the moving parts and making sure everyone eats, sleeps and poops in the appropriate places.

ready for the next adventure,



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