almost out and about

dear world,

this afternoon, the plan was to go to target and get the stuff on the list. it’s stuff we need and i was ready to get out of the house. we were all going to go as a family since V is home with us today, but she asked to go to the zoo. it’s really nice out and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t. i just can’t walk that much quite yet. so i decided to take N on my own.

i should have known we were doomed to failure when i couldn’t get the car seat in the car easily. to be fair, it was on the wrong side and we hadn’t moved it yet, but to get the baby secured it required opening all 4 doors, climbing over the big car seat, probably scratching the door on the ladder and moving the front passenger seat forward. then i forgot my phone. then i forgot the stuff we were supposed to return.

now we’re at least out of the drive way and on the road. don’t most babies like riding in the car? something soothing about the vibrations? not my baby. she had just eaten. i burped her. i think she was unimpressed with being restrained in a car seat. that is not negotiable, however. as soon as we pulled into the parking lot she had worked herself up so much that she spit up.

we never even made it into the store. i picked her up to calm her down, but then horror of horrors, had to put her back in the car seat to get home. and school had just let out so it took 3 times as long to get home as to get there. ironically, she fell asleep right before we got home and she’s been sleeping ever since. i guess i should have just gone later.

bummed that we had to turn around and give up,



upon further reflection, if i had brought a carrier with me then i think we coud have managed. i have clearly not found my new mom-of-two rhythm yet. or, more honestly, mom-of-a-newborn rhythm. it wasn’t two kids that got me, it was just the new kid.


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