she’s here! meet baby N

dear world,

last friday around 1:30am i started having contractions and by 8:05am we had a new baby girl in our family! i’ll write my birth story soon and share it, but i’m not ready to write that yet. i just want to share a little about our first week as a family of 4.

V holding her little sister

this morning, in fact, is a wonderful illustration of how our rhythm has shifted some. MHM is home with me for another week so we’re all here together every morning. N woke up at 6am ready to eat and V woke up about 30 minutes later. i brought N in to lay in our bed with her pop and i went in to do morning with V. she decided she wanted to get dressed in our room with her sister.

during breakfast, we decided to put N in  the bouncy seat which V thought was about the coolest thing ever and after breakfast proceeded to bounce her sister. (gently, most of the time) when she started to fuss, V sang her songs. “it’s working, mommy!” she exclaimed. then N would cry again and V looked crushed. “it didn’t work, mommy.” we tried again.

i think she’s worried that the baby won’t like her. she’s only lost her mind twice and she was angry at me, i’m guessing because my time has been focused on feeding the baby, holding the baby, rocking the baby. not on playing with V which i can imagine in very frustrating when that’s all you’ve known for the full duration of your existence.

then MHM took V to school and we’re having a nice quiet morning. my body is still recovering and i can’t actually do much without getting tired and sore. for me, that’s the hardest part. being sleep deprived and having worked really, really hard to push a baby out took it out of me. i feel better today than i’ve felt in a week. good enough that i think we’re going to venture out on an errand today.

happily a mama to two beautiful girls,



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