appeal of induction

hello world,

all through this pregnancy, i’ve been focused on how to labor without drugs, how to make sure my body is prepared to push this baby out the way bodies have done it forever, how to manage pain with as little intervention as possible. (for me, medical emergencies do not count as failure. i would rather everyone survive.)

at my last doctor’s visit, she told me we would at least wait until my due date to induce, but that we should talk about what that means at our next visit, if i make it. ok, i said, like it was the most natural next step in the world.

at this point, induction appeals to me on so many levels. i can plan for when the baby will come. i can count on a date/time. i know when i need to properly tie up all my loose ends at work and make sure someone has the pieces i’ve left for follow up. i will know when i get to meet my new baby. i will no longer be pregnant. i am a planner. i like to know what time things will happen. shockingly, nature doesn’t work like this.

now, i feel like i have a choice ahead of me. how long do i wait before i agree? if i agree, pitocin causes contractions that are about 100 times stronger than natural contractions (someone described the feeling as blue-lightening) which means then i’ll need some form of pain medication to manage the pain as opposed to the breathing and movement i’d counted on to get me through. i guess what i’m learning is even though i’m having a completely different pregnancy, there is no normal.




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