38 weeks and still waiting

dear world,

i seriously didn’t expect to be carrying this baby for this amount of time. in june, when i stopped travelling, i said i’d be happy if i made it to the end of july. well, here it is – the last day of august and no baby yet. i think she’s waiting for september.

because V was so early, i couldn’t understand how expectant mothers could tire of being pregnant. it seemed like such a luxury to me, not having been able to do it myself. i have a very different understanding now. developmentally, the baby is ready to survive outside my body and i am ready to meet her. let’s get moving. however, i am not in charge.

a lovely side effect of being this far along is that everyone i call answers the phone fully prepared for me to be in labor even if i’m calling about something unrelated like work, school, you name it. should i need to leave a message, i now preface all my voicemails with “no baby yet, here’s why i’m calling”. especially if i need to leave a message for my husband while he’s at school. it’s fairly challenging to reach one’s partner for a non-baby-time issue and not freak everybody out.

readier than i ever thought possible,



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