barbie time?

dear world,

a friend asked me recently if V was into barbies yet. i told her i didn’t know if V knows what a barbie is. since then, i started wondering if it’s barbie time for V.

i remember growing up, the oldest of 3 girls, pining after this barbie or that barbie. by the time we all graduated high school, our years of barbie collecting resulted in a laundry basket overflowing with clothes, naked barbies and various other accoutrements. i mostly liked dressing them up and fixing their hair. i think i lacked enough imagination to really play out a good barbie drama.

happy birthday ken barbie

so, i took a tour down the barbie aisle at toys’r’us last weekend. the first barbie i saw was “happy birthday ken” barbie. are you serious? a barbie dressed in a party dress designed to wish ken a happy birthday simply should not exist. i kept looking and now there’s ballerina barbie and princess barbie and doctor barbie and let’s walk our puppies barbie. it’s not what i remember.

i came home ready to talk about my disappointment with barbie with MHM. i started with, i went down the barbie aisle at the store today and he freaked out at me. can’t i draw the line at something, he asked. and inexplicably, i got defensive. people are going to give her barbies. she’s going to want barbies. if we draw the line and don’t allow her to have any then she’ll just want them more.

ultimately, we decided to talk about it later. i just wanted to be angry and disappointed with the barbie industry, but suddenly i ended up defender of all barbie gifts and paraphernalia. how did that happen?

remembering the pretty dresses and single high heel shoes,



1 Response to “barbie time?”

  1. 1 onefunnymummy August 15, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Wow, Happy Birthday to Ken Barbie — that’s ridic! But reading your Barbie post brought back so many fun memories of my own Barbie upbringing. I had it all: the dream house, the Corvette, Skipper, Ken, and Astronaut Barbie complete with her magenta thigh-high hooker boots…even then I think I turned out ok. Not that I would ever buy my daughter that Happy Birthday Ken doll but she’ll probably have a few here and there. Thanks for reminding me of being seven.

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