taking it easy

dear world,

it’s been a week now that i’ve been having the braxton hicks contractions off and on. i’m still pregnant and there’s no discernible pattern, but i have to take it easy.

today at work, every time i would get up from my desk, i would have one. if i sat quietly by myself at my computer and worked without walking anywhere i was fine. this can be challenging because my office is at the opposite end of the building from the rest of my team. (but i have a wall of windows! i can’t give up a wall of windows… who cares if my office is tiny. i can see outside!)

this afternoon, i called the nurse line because i have my yoga class each week and i really wanted to go. she said it was up to me, but she wouldn’t recommend it. but it was up to me. well, of course it’s up to me. who else is going to actually going to make or not make me do something, but i got the point. i’m totally bummed.

i really looked forward to that class every week. it was my space to move and focus on my breath and my body. my space to be around other pregnant ladies and share that time. i’m really disappointed. i also understand that if i keep having contractions, i’ll have a baby and i’m still 2 weeks away from full term.

foiled by my own body,



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