practice makes perfect

hello world,

i’ve been having practice contractions (aka braxton hicks contractions) this week which makes me a little nervous that this baby is coming ahead of schedule again. i saw the nurse practitioner today and she gave me good instructions and some solid reassurance that the contractions i’ve been having are not productive. at this point in pregnancy, that’s great news. i don’t want productive contractions right now. i’m 34 weeks 5 days along and full term is 37 weeks.

V and me at 34 weeks

tonight, MHM and i planned to attend a going away party for one of my former  co-workers and her new husband, but rest, relaxation and hydration are the keys to not going into labor at the moment so we’re staying home. the NP said activity like prolonged standing, walking, lifting and such are off limits for a couple days to see if my system will settle down. a going away party sounds like prolonged standing to me.

she also said that just being tired can cause these contractions. i never made it this far into a pregnancy to know that yet. it’s all new for me at the moment. i’m at once reveling in it and anxious. i will probably never feel these feelings or sensations (physically or emotionally) again. i feel slightly obligated to appreciate the whole experience as a result, including the uncomfortable stuff.




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