nesting, working mom style

dear world,

i’m starting to get nervous that this baby is going to arrive before i’m ready. i’ve had a couple of bouts of practice contractions over the last two days and fee like i better get myself in gear or i never will. and then i realized that i’m pretty sure that’s the definition of nesting.

in my case, i’m not cleaning the floors (much to my husband’s chagrin) or washing the windows. i came into the office yesterday, shut my door and plowed through the stack of papers in my box that clearly needed attention. you know, the deadline sensitive stuff that one can put off for a couple of days, but not forever? i transitioned two big piece of my work to other people within the organization and created two spreadsheets that my back-up people can access. how’s that for a working mom’s nesting?

does anyone else do this? i can’t be the only mother who works and worries that work will not get done as opposed to rearranging the furniture or sweeping out the dust bunnies from under the bed, right?

feeling a little silly (but not silly enough to stop),



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