stolen stroller

hello world,

last night, someone stole our stroller off of our front porch. ugh. as i walked out of the house this morning, i noticed V’s tricycle had blown over in the storm. or so i thought. as i went to right it, i thought, something’s missing from up here. dang.

Cortina Stroller, Midorii mean, it’s our fault. it’s been sitting on the porch for 8-12 months at this point. it’s not like we lock it up or bring it inside daily and the one time we forget it just happened to wander off. it’s covered in dirt and spider webs. it looks like it’s sat out in the weather all spring and summer. part of me is relieved that we don’t have to clean it before the new baby comes, but mostly i’m disappointed.

i’m torn between hoping the stroller thieves get bit by the aforementioned spiders and hoping that if they really needed the stoller that the new occupant doesn’t get bit by those very same spiders.

a little frustrated, but mostly at myself,


ps – i went to look at stoller’s this afternoon since it’s really something we used a lot when V was tiny. it turns out, i found the exact same stoller (in a different color) on clearance. it literally cost less than any of the other less good, less sturdy strollers i investigated. i got a really good deal even though i wasn’t planning on replacing that particular piece of equipment for the new baby.


1 Response to “stolen stroller”

  1. 1 Carolyn D. July 31, 2011 at 9:40 am

    The same thing happened to me almost a year ago now. It was an awesome three wheel jeep stroller that was great for the uneven sidewalks where I live. I used it all the time. It was such a pain to fold and unfold and bring in the house or put in the trunk that I just left it on the porch. Big mistake. I have an awesome double stroller now but I still feel the sting of that one being stolen. I still miss it some days! Glad you found a good replacement though.

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