salsa dancing? why not…

dear world,

MHM and i were invited to one of his student’s graduation celebrations. we received a proper invitation in the mail requesting the pleasure of our company at an authentic mexican dinner party and evening of latin dance. we obviously accepted.

both of us felt a bit apprehensive attending this dinner party, though. me, because i literally would not know a single person aside from my husband and imagining having to make small talk with a bunch of 18 year olds and their parents didn’t sound all that appetizing. MHM felt a little intimidated by the unclear level of grandeur inspired by the fancy invitations. whatever, we went.

it turned into a lovely evening. i haven’t been to a social event recently where i didn’t know not only the guests, but also what to expect. last night, we met one of the graduate’s other teachers and her husband, her parents, a handful of classmates getting ready to go off to college and various other people i didn’t pay attention to- oh and a bright eyed 4 month old grandbaby. because i didn’t know anyone obviously they couldn’t know i am pregnant. also, i forget this, being pregnant is an obvious conversation starter. pregnant women never need to worry about the ability to make small talk. it’s simply a subject many people want to hear about.

i received compliments for how lovely my skin looked, how well i endured the heat, how i found a good husband and he’s lucky to have such a beautiful wife, how i’m a trooper for standing on my feet as long as i did. but the real kicker is that the parents hired salsa teachers and held a latin dance lesson in the kitchen. apart from the 8 high school graduates, MHM and i were the only other people participating. we did the merengue and some other dance i can’t remember the name of. i was twirled. it was fun. i think MHM got cool teacher points. (i just can’t move my hips like that right now. i’m afraid they’ll come unhinged all together.)

i enjoyed the evening much more than i could have anticipated.

glowing with that pregnant lady glow,



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