baby name debate

hello world,

we have a short list of names for this new baby and a very long discussion. for about 3 months in a row, all MHM said to any of my name suggestions was “no”. that got a little old and i finally made him pick a second choice. now instead of a very short list of 1 possible name, we now have a slightly longer list of 2.

when i was pregnant with V, we reached about the same point in our discussion and she was born. i saw her. i chose a name.

now, my experience is somewhat different. i wake up a lot during the night these days and night time is active time for this new baby. as i lay in my bed, trying to fall back asleep, she kicks me and punches my in the side and i roll around the names to call her. it turns out, i may prefer a name that i totally did not want 3 months ago. it seems that when i start to think about rocking this baby in my arms instead of inside my body, this is the name my mind cleaves towards. and in the middle of the night, it’s pretty hard to pretend.

surprised at myself,



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