this is the way we pick out our clothes

hello world,

every morning, V gets to choose her clothes for the day. sometimes, this is a simple task. most days, this is an epic battle which eventually leads to her getting dressed in something at least appropriate enough to leave the house in. MHM and i have slightly different approaches to the getting dressed discussion.

there is one hard and fast rule: you cannot leave the house without underpants on. this is simply not acceptable. we all have to wear underpants.

then, it kind of breaks down:

V almost always wants to wear a dress. i personally don’t really care. so long as she has shorts on underneath (or leggings if it’s too cold) then no fuss from me on a dress. i should point out that it does have to be a clean dress. this morning she wanted to wear the pink dress she wore yesterday which now has jam and various other food remnants on it. not going to happen. MHM is not as into the dress as a solid choice of attire. he will earnestly try to move her to choose shorts and a t-shirt. (the batman t-shirt she loved at christmas now sits, unworn, in her drawer.)

we always give her choices and try to make them manageable choices. you can wear this or that. this shirt or that shirt. this skirt or these shorts. unless we’re actually going someplace special, i cannot fight about her clothes every morning and most of the time she does pretty well. i saw this image on the site today and it made me laugh out loud. it’s nice to be reminded that my daughter is not the only small person having these conversations every morning.

wearing rain boots in the 90 degree sunshine,



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