talking with other mothers

hello world,

last night, at our staff dinner, families were invited and many joined us. my family couldn’t make it (MHM has to be at his school by 8am this morning and trying to get V out here, then home, then up and to daycare in the morning just seemed too complicated), but lots of others did.

after dinner, i ended up sitting around a table with a good friend (and new mother of two) and several other women whose children are much more grown up than ours. some have left the house, others still live at home, but are starting college. but everyone who’s child was young enough to need constant supervision (what with the nearby duck pond) had someone else playing with his or her child. we had lots of surrogate grandma’s and grandpa’s. it was really nice.

as we sat around the table, we shared stories about the silly/rude/amazing things our children had done. the struggles we went through like how to get two kids into two car seats with a cart full of groceries to when you can’t find your daughter in kmart because she’s hidden herself so well inside those circle racks and she thinks it’s hilarious that you’re searching for her to the disapproving looks from strangers when your kid shows up a school with shorts on in the winter when if she’d been wearing a skirt there wouldn’t have been an issue. the theme of our conversation get coming back to choosing your battles.

i felt so comfortable to be in the company of these other women who had come across the same good and frustrating things that i run into everyday and know that not only will i get through it, but that i’ll probably end up with a pretty well adjusted kid on the other side if these folks are any guide.

feeling all comraderly,



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