2 kids = bigger vehicle?

dear world,

as we get closer to actually having two children, my car seems to get smaller and smaller. to be fair, i drive a toyota corolla (one of the last made at the NUMMI plant) which is indeed a compact car. and i love it. it get great gas mileage, it hasn’t broken down on me. the biggest problem i had was the mice which is technically not the car’s fault.

but, i remember when V was first born travelling anywhere literally filled up my car. the seat wells were full. the trunk was full. the front seat was full. the backseat was full. how on earth am i going to manage every day with a 3 year old and an infant?

i’ve been watching the other cars on the road and investigating online and it seems that the chevy equinox is going to be the right answer. it’s roomier inside and the trunk space is significantly larger. but, as these two babies grow, will we need a third row? what if they have friends? with any 5 seat vehicle, that means only 5 people can go someplace together and if it’s small children, then the limit is three at a time. which means one kid can take a friend and the other kid can suck it up. yeah, i can see that conversation going really well.

i just don’t think i can justify a minivan. i really don’t. they’re more expensive. they get terrible mileage and they’re really aesthetically awful. the SUV’s with a third row are all way beyond my price range so that’s out, too. MHM drives an accord, but i have a really hard time driving a non-union made car to work everyday. every once in a while isn’t a problem, but i can’t take over his car for my own even though it’s a mid-size.

the question comes down to whether i can make it in my corolla for another couple years and deal with the tight space or do we move to the in between and go for the compact SUV?  has anyone else run into this conflict? what did you do?

looking for some direction,



3 Responses to “2 kids = bigger vehicle?”

  1. 1 Carolyn D. June 14, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Don’t do it! The Equinox is not a good vehicle. It looks like it is, but it disappoints at every turn. My husband got one of these a few years ago and he had nothing but problems with it. In the 4 year span that he was leasing it and only putting about 24 thousand miles on it, he had to replace the brakes, something went wrong with the transmission, the seal on the trunk was no good and caused water to leak into the back which created mold or something that made it smell bad in there, and not that this is really a big deal but the radio was awful. There is no antennae outside the car so it barely every picked up a radio station clearly. I believe there were other problems with it too but I can’t remember what they were. We returned that car after the lease was up and drove my mazda 3 which was a great car. But, since we were having another kid also, we moved up to the mazda 5 which is a perfect size for a family of 4. The seats are separated in the back so the kids won’t be poking each other and there is a third row of seats and plenty of cargo space. It was also just recommended in this months issue of Parent’s magazine. Anyway, sorry for the huge comment, I just wanted to warn you!

  2. 2 potatosandwich June 14, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Dear “soon to be mum of two”, firstly congratulations.

    Yes these days car seats are the same size as cars themselves, taking up every inch of backseat room.

    I have two children, but Ok, just use of 1 car seat as my eldest is nearly 9 and uses a a more slimline version. We had a jeep but downgraded to a more economical car and it works for us.

    My advice, stick with the current vehicle, stablise your finances with regards to having a second child (unless money is not object and you can spend wild),see how you get on for space and then decide.

    All the best

  3. 3 candidlymommy June 16, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    thank you both for your thoughts. since writing this, my husband and i test drove a 2008 equinox and a 2008 saturn vue. i totally liked the vue better.

    i’m still leaning towards a small SUV for both the added height and extra space, but i’m willing to take my time and think this through. we’ve also added the escape to the list of contenders.

    as you said, D, money is a consideration so now we have to figure out how to balance what we can afford with a car that will last us at least 5 years. and if we don’t find anything, we’ll make do with what we have.

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