what to say? what to say?

dear world,

today, i woman i work with came up to me and exclaimed, “you are looking more pregnant everyday!”

ummm… that’s because i have been pregnant longer every day that passes and that’s how pregnancy works? i’m all the way pregnant. there’s really no in between.

when i was pregnant with V, i kept being surprised by how many people felt like they could just touch my belly. i mean literally walk up to me and touch me. so far, only a couple people have done that this time around, but it’s still pretty unnerving to have an acquaintance touch your belly when you’re completely unprepared. it makes me jump every time.

oh awkward moments,



2 Responses to “what to say? what to say?”

  1. 1 amanda June 9, 2011 at 8:34 am

    i asked my german friend if people touched her belly when she was pregnant and she looked at me like i had just thrown a pie in her face. i think its a strongly american thing to feel free to touch pregnant women’s bellys without either being good friends already or asking.

    i want to see a picture of your all-the-way pregnant belly!

  2. 2 candidlymommy June 10, 2011 at 8:38 am

    i agree that’s it’s purely american. it’s also very proprietary- like because everyone can see that i’m growing a baby that it’s public property and everyone has a piece of ownership over this process.

    i don’t know if anyone has taken my picture lately. i’ll try to strike a pose this weekend and get something up.

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