the only constant is change

hello world,

yesterday morning as i prepared V’s breakfast, i had a small epiphany. i am not just pregnant. eventually, our family will have another small person participating in our days, in our routines, in our life rhythms. in my brain, i’ve known this for quite a while, but yesterday my body (or more accurately my heart) figured it out.

V and i sat eating breakfast together as we do every morning. i couldn’t help but reflect again on how much i enjoy that time. i wrote about it here and since then our morning routine has adjusted to suit her development and our quotidian morning rush to get out the door with pony tail up and both shoes on. we still sit at the table together only now she sits in pop’s chair eating her cereal and banana. i tried to imagine what it’s going to be like not only getting V’s breakfast, but also feeding an infant cereal again. simultaneously.

at my yoga class last night, we talked about how the only constant is change especially in a woman’s life. i am simply in the midst of a big life change. i’ve been so focused on having a healthy pregnancy that i haven’t focused on how our life will shift when our family grows. i am not hoping for anything more than the ability to roll with the changes as they come and create a home for us all.

relishing breakfast with V again,



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