we party at 10am instead of 10pm

dear world,

V is quite a big girl now. she turned 3 this past tuesday and we certainly celebrated. on her actual birthday we had a special dinner and she housed a cupcake. her eyes got so big when we sang to her. “you’re singing for me!” she said with amazement. and we’re still celebrating. last year, we invited our friends and some family to a cook out at our house. only one of V’s friends from school was there, but we all had a great time.

this year, i asked her teachers at daycare who V is friends with and invited them to come celebrate with us at a local park. all the little kid birthdays i’ve been to lately have been at awkward times in our day like planning a late lunch (high risk for hunger meltdown) or at 2pm (dead center of nap time). we decided to celebrate from 10am to noon with bagels, coffee and cupcakes. a little something for everyone and fortunately the rain held off for 2 hours!

V had a blast. it was pretty cool to see her running around the playground and interacting with her friends. she sees these guys at school everyday and we don’t often have playdates so this is really the first time i’ve seen her do this.

birthday cupcakes!

it was also a pleasure to interact with the other parents of children the same age. i kept hearing conversations so similar to the ones we have everyday that it gave me some confidence that we must be doing something right. everyone looked after everyone’s kids to make sure no one got hurt. another mother pushed V on the swing while i ran around with her daughter. so nice.

loving the morning celebration,



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