mother earth, modern medicine and me

hello world,

it seems that the time has arrived for my friends and peers to have second babies. i am pregnant now along with at least two of my co-workers and two friends delivered healthy babies last month.

healthy baby #1: my friend carried her baby to full-term or maybe even a little beyond. she decided to have a home birth and work with a team of midwives to have a safe pregnancy and birth experience. she had a short labor, but still enough time to fill the pool for a planned water birth. the baby didn’t actually wait long enough to be born in the tub, but it was ready. her son was present and had read lots of books on what to expect. he’ll be two in july.

healthy baby #2: this mama had serious trouble with the birth of her daughter which resulted in a c-section. her birth plan for her son included working with her doctor to set a reasonable date (1 week before full term) to schedule a c-section. she went to the hospital at 5:30am and by 8am they had a baby boy. everyone is healthy and happy and her recovery was remarkably short. she’s already in her pre-pregnancy jeans.

each of these mamas feels so strongly that her choice is right and best. and for each of them, it was. if i had tried to have a home birth, either me or V would have probably not made it. for me, i’m hoping to make it even close to full term.

i feel like i’m both far enough along and close enough to a potential pre-term birth to study up on delivery and how to prepare for it. i read penny simkin’s pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn last weekend. i also just ordered birthing from within. if i actually make it to a proper labor, i’d like to be prepared to deal with it. i’m hoping to figure out enough ways to focus on what’s happening to avoid using drugs, but i have to say, if there’s trouble, i’m going to do whatever my doctor tells me to do.

figuring out what’s best for me,



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