the name game

dear world,

these past couple weeks have been terribly busy with work, family visits and general living. it’s been all i can do to keep up. in the middle of all this, i reached the half way point in this pregnancy last week and accordingly had my 20 week ultrasound. this baby appears to have all the parts and pieces a growing baby should have as well as being an appropriate size for where we are in the pregnancy. oh, and it’s a girl!

which leads me to the name discussion. when i was pregnant with V, i think we started talking about names about 10 minutes after i took the pregnancy test. this time, we agreed to wait until we knew the sex of the baby. MHM is a little disappointed that this baby isn’t a boy which is fair. he is the oldest of 3 boys and there’s something about a father son relationship that won’t be there with another baby girl.

a day after i told him the news, he opened the name conversation with drama. since i picked V’s name and picked the spelling and since this new baby is going to be another girl, then he should get to pick the name.

first of all, it’s not my fault this baby is a girl. in my heart of heart’s i wanted another girl, but science has got me beat on that account. second of all, i have to grow the baby and push the baby out into the world which i believe gives me the final choice on naming. third of all, i actually don’t have the same fight in me as the last time so we’ll see what we end up with.

ultimately, i don’t want there to be 16 other kids in her class with the same name. that’s it. that’s my sticking point.

willing to compromise,


ps- if you haven’t been to the baby name wizard, it’s worth a look. warning: it’s a total time suck, but super interesting.


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