tofu is brain food

dear world,

this week has tested my ability to be pregnant and keep it together. monday and tuesday, i was in chicago. i missed bedtime every night this week. thursday, i made it home in time for bed only to be rejected in preference of pop. then i discovered that there was nothing to eat for dinner. i felt so tired and disappointed i literally stood in the kitchen and cried.

tonight, though, MHM is out late and it’s just us. i picked up V from school and we met nana at the restaurant which is always a hit. lately, when we haven’t felt like cooking on a friday night, we’ve gone up to the northstar (along with every other parent in a 5 miles radius. seriously, every high chair is in use around 6pm on a friday.) we used to order a pepperoni flat bread for V of which she would eat a couple bites, but then discovered that they make a kid’s version of their buddha bowl without any sauce. it’s perfect.

i asked V if she wanted tofu or chicken. tofu. are you sure? tofu! she hammered her dinner. every single bite of tofu, broccoli and apple disappeared in that order. then she finished off with a big handful of rice for good measure. i am so excessively proud that she would rather eat tofu and broccoli than pizza.

bedtime, on the other hand, did not go so well. as tofu is brain food, apparently it clicked something into gear in her brain and led to the realization that she could get out of her big girl bed. like i said, not so good.

she proceeded to get out of bed. get back in bed. kick the wall. get out of bed. throw a mini tantrum. (V: i want to go downstairs! me: oh, you want to go downstairs? in that case, no. it’s time for bed.) finally, an hour and a half later, we rocked together a little and i laid in the bed with her until she actually settled. she hasn’t peeped since.

all i’m saying is tofu really is brain food so be careful how you use it.

so tired,



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