prenatal yoga is where it’s at

hello world,

i’m 17 weeks along this week and i am back in a prenatal yoga class. i am so glad. our first class was last week and while we didn’t really move all that much, i felt so much more balanced afterwards. totally worth going out at 7:30pm on a week night.

when i was pregnant with V, i took the same class with the same instructor. i don’t remember it being this late in the evening, but i do remember looking forward to it every week. and then i got sick- sick enough to stop going to class. and then i had a baby. i never finished the 10 week course. this time, i’m hopeful that i’ll make it the whole way through.

for me, prenatal yoga is about dealing with the physical changes that come along with growing a baby and preparing for pushing that baby out into the world. believe it or not, both pieces require muscles i couldn’t have pointed to 6 months ago. my abs (right under my ribcage and above my actual stomach) hurt. i can’t twist. if i sit with my legs crossed for too long then my back hurts. it amazes me how many little things can shift just enough to be noticeable.

making time to focus on my body, my breath and how i’m physically feeling once a week is worth it for me. how many of us carve that out of our days now? i am choosing to create that space.

regaining balance,



1 Response to “prenatal yoga is where it’s at”

  1. 1 Carolyn D. April 4, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Congratulations on your new addition! My second baby is due in less than a month. It’s gone by so much faster than the first. Enjoy your class!

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