if you take a mouse to school…

dear world,

last week, i experienced one of the strangest mornings of all time. all winter, i’ve had to warm up my car before we leave for school or it hesitates. i figured it was just winter and cars do that.

last thursday, i warmed up my car as usual, V and i hopped in and we left for school. the route i take has many lights, but they are timed so that if you drive the speed limit you never have to stop. V is singing in the backseat and i’m driving along at 35 mph when a mouse climbs out from under the hood of my car, runs across in front of me and disappears over the other side.

are you serious?! i literally have no idea what to do. i can’t yell- it’ll freak out V. i can’t stomp on the brakes- there are other cars behind me. i decide to just keep driving, not saying a word, and worrying the entire time that a mouse is about to run across my foot while it’s on the pedal and i can’t get out.

we get to school and there’s no mouse on the outside of my vehicle so i take V inside to her class and drive to work. when i get there, i share the tale of the mouse on my car (this includes a great deal of hand motions and me, finally freaking out) and ask for someone (who isn’t afraid of mice) to come look under the hood of my car with me. i’m sure there are more mice in there and i don’t want to touch them.

unfortunately, i am right. i end up taking my car to the dealer where the nice man reassured me that this happens to lots of people. cars are warm and good shelter in the cold weather months. 3 hours and $300 later, they have removed 2 giant mouse nests from my car including one that was so big one guy thought a squirrel had made it. nope, just mice. apparently they holed up in my car all winter.

if you take a mouse to school, you’ll probably end up at the car repair shop spending lots of money to make sure a mouse nest doesn’t catch your car on fire.

stupid city mice,



1 Response to “if you take a mouse to school…”

  1. 1 Carolyn D. April 3, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    OMG, that sounds horrible! I can’t imagine finding such a thing under my hood. I did have an experience once where my pretty much brand new car was making this weird rattling sound under the hood and my husband and I couldn’t figure out what it could be. He finally opened the hood to find a huge round dog bone sitting on top of one of the belts. Apparently a squirrel had thought that looked like a great little hiding place for his feast. I’m just glad we didn’t find the squirrel in there eating it or I would’ve had nightmares probably! I can’t believe it cost $300 to get rid of them! Crazy!

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