in other news

hello world,

recently, V has been very into listening to music. we have a wonderful album of songs in spanish, but i don’t know the name to give credit to the singer. it’s 27 songs of fun and she can sing along to most of them. buenos dias, la granja and more.

usually, on the way to school in the morning, we listen to the news on the radio. i brought the ipod along a couple of times and now she wants to listen to buenos dias every time we get in the car. which is fine, except when i forget to bring the ipod. then we’re stuck with the news.

last week, while she finished her breakfast of pancakes and syrup (left over pancakes from sunday morning breakfast, mind you. who makes pancakes on a weekday morning?) she says, i’m all messy! just like the pig in if you give a pig a pancake, i asked. she thought that was about the coolest thing ever.

“mommy, she says, i want to read give a pig a pancake and listen to the news.”

well, what’s a mother to do with a request like that? we cleaned up her sticky hands, i ran upstairs to get the book, turned on the radio and we read and listened to the news together in the middle of the kitchen floor. i’m so proud of her for not only specifically asking for what she wanted, but that she wanted to both read and listen to the news at the same time. i love that this is part of her normal world and not a drag that we’re stuck with the news. (although sometimes she does wish we could be stuck with buenos dias instead.)

multi-media mama,



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