is the baby moving yet?

hello world,

i am 15 weeks along in my pregnancy this week and if i remember correctly, it’s sometime within the next couple weeks that i should be able to feel the baby moving. i read somewhere that mothers who have carried a baby before remember the way it feels and can identify it earlier, but i’m not sure i can. what if i forgot what it feels like?

as i watched tv last night, i thought maybe i could feel the baby moving, but we also had homemade pizza for dinner and now i’m not sure if it wasn’t just my dinner digesting. all that business takes place in pretty close quarters so it’s kind of hard to tell what’s what in there. i feel like it’s been so long since i felt a baby moving that i’ll be surprised all over again by the sensation.

i’m 100% sure this baby is growing though. my expanding middle is clear evidence of that fact. as i got into bed last night, my nightshirt wouldn’t cover my belly. i feel like i’m already as big as i ever got with V. MHM says that’s not true, but i feel much bigger much faster with this pregnancy.

remembering how it feels,



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