spring time exercise

hello world,

even though it’s technically not spring yet, it’s certainly spring-like outside. i mean, it’s cold, but not so cold that we can’t play outside for half an hour after dinner. finally.

we’ve gotten a little stir crazy this winter and i think even V has reached her limit on hours logged making art out of stickers. and we have some cool stickers. now, instead of asking to watch dora right after dinner, she’s started to ask to go outside and play. so now i do the dishes and pop plays outside. it’s a good trade.

Kettler 8838-399 Oceana Kettrike Tricycle

V's cool ride

this evening, V realized that her feet will reach the pedals on her tricycle. success! this is the kind of tricycle that has a big tall handle in the back for the grown-up to push if the child gets stuck, bored, tired, etc. V thought this was about the coolest thing since being able to play outside again.

except she hasn’t quite mastered the concept of steering. i’d say, turn the handlebars toward the driveway, we’re going to crash. and she’d say, ok! and turn in a circle for a while. we didn’t go very far, but it sure was fun.

glad to be out-of-doors,



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