fine, stay up then

dear world,

V took a great nap on saturday and then, while nearly falling asleep in the rocking chair, refused to nap on sunday. i know i’ve written a lot about this lately, but i read an interesting article in parenting magazine this weekend that shed some light on the issue. (i looked online, but can’t find a link. the article is in the february issue of parenting, the early years.)

the article talked about normal napping for different ages all the way from birth to kindergarten. the toddler section is where i focused. first, after nearly panicking that she may give up her afternoon nap by the time she’s 3, i realized that’s only true from some kids.

my biggest take away comes from the section discussing cortisol, a chemical in our bodies that keeps us awake kind of like adrenaline. when a child doesn’t nap, her head says, fine, stay up then and shoots all this cortisol into her brain. this is why instead of getting more and more tired, a kid with no nap is far more likely to get more and more amped. and lack of sleep is cumulative. the less you sleep, the less you sleep, the author wrote. for me, it explains why V will have a string of days where she just won’t nap. the best resolution is to keep (or get back into) your normal routine. eventually, she’ll settle in to what’s familiar again.

and so, we ended up with an amped little girl yesterday afternoon. fortunately, it was nice enough outside to go to the playground for a little while and blow off some steam. it was a good choice for all of us.

learning as i go,



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