so many rules

dear world,

there are so many rules when you’re pregnant that i find it nearly impossible to follow all of them. i’m not drinking and smoking or anything like that, i mean the more nuanced rules that can catch you up when you’re least expecting it.

example #1: i totally forgot my lunch earlier this week and my choice was to eat no lunch or eat a sandwich full of lunch meat. being allergic to dairy, it wasn’t like i could pull off the turkey and just eat a cheese sandwich. i was so hungry that breaking the no lunch meat rule seemed like a safer risk than me passing out from hunger later.

example #2: i am still sick. i finally went to the doctor this morning and it turns out i have a virus that just won’t go away. normally, i would take nyquil and dayquil and be done with it, but those are off the list when pregnant. the ob’s office told me to it was ok to take sudafed. my regular doctor said it is not ok to take sudafed. too late, i had already tried it, it didn’t work so i stopped taking it anyway, but talk about mixed messages. now i’m on to robitussin which hopefully will allow me to breathe out of my nose again.

ultimately, it’s not too difficult to avoid dangers while pregnant, but i feel like this week i’ve really pushed the limits and i didn’t even realize it part of the time. i would really prefer to not mess this pregnancy up. i know some things are out of my control, but i should at least try to healthfully manage the stuff within my reach.

trying to stay within the lines,



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