what are you, 2?

dear world,

yesterday, V and i had the opposite of an awesome day. not only did my day start out with a trip to the dentist (which i hate), but then continued on into madness.

MHM had work to do and went into school. right before he left, he said, “she should take a nice long nap. she’s already tired and asking to go to bed.” he totally jinxed me.

i took V to the library which actually wasn’t so bad until she completely fell out when it was time to leave. we ate lunch together and then i gave her a choice. we can play a little more or go upstairs for settle down. she picked settle down so up we went.

and then the day totally devolved into a disaster. anything i asked her to do, she literally and deliberately did the opposite. please lay down. no. it’s time to go potty. no. oops, you accidentally spilled the water for your paint. please try not to spill it again. as i walked into the kitchen to get paper towels, she picked up the cup, looked up at me and poured the water all over her tray. argh!

finally, at the end of the day we were both so frustrated with each other that she just yelled at me. and then she bit me. and that’s not ok. MHM and i had a long conversation about it last night because she doesn’t act like this with him. ever. wtf?

i read an article recently that talked about stepping back when you get so frustrated that you end up escalating the situation instead of de-escalating the situation. it suggested asking your naughty child, what are you, 2? the point is that it helps you remember that your child is in actual fact only 2 years old and not really capable of articulating why she’s frustrated. my new strategy is to use a calm tone – firm, but calm.

this morning went much better. she didn’t want to take off her jams and i made her laugh instead of making her take off her jams. i told her how silly she would look with her underwear over her jams. we laughed together and eventually, we got dressed. this method takes a lot longer than picking her up, but we had time to not hurry and it was worth it.

climbing back from the edge of sanity,



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