hello world,

you know that motion that a mom does when she wipes the lipstick off her child’s cheek?  you know the one i mean – thumb only, hand open, pushing as gently, but firmly as possible to remove the errant pink marks?

you know how appalled you feel when you see a mother doing that to her child? the child is embarrassed, but the mother keeps wiping it away. and you can determine that the child is embarrassed because you’re in a public place and if you can see this happening then clearly other people can, too. who teaches women how to do this? how is that motion the same from mother to mother?

i don’t know the answer, but somehow i know how to do it.

recently, i took V to one of her classmate’s birthday parties. it was the nicest invitation i’d ever received for a kid birthday so i thought i should probably dress up a little for the occasion. the invitation was handwritten and sparkly with a pretty ribbon tying a cupcake to the actual invite. it went way beyond anything i would ever actually do myself.

of course, i read the invitation wrong and we arrived at 3:45pm for a 3pm party. (while being fashionably late is normal for grown-up parties, it’s not actually that cool for 2 year old parties.) since we walked in on a party in full swing, V took a little while to adjust to being surrounded by 20 of her friends having lots of fun in an unfamiliar place. she got as close to me as possible and hid her face. naturally, i held her until she got comfortable and then off she went.

while i held her, i gave her a little kiss on the cheek. 10 minutes later, i thought, what’s that mark on her face. oh! it must be lipstick. and i wiped it away. right there in the middle of the party, in front of all her friends, i did the lipstick maneuver. i couldn’t stop myself. my hand reached out, thumb outstretched and i wiped off that lipstick mark.

this is why i don’t wear lipstick very often. i find it nearly impossible not to embarrass someone, usually myself.

part of a *proud* tradition,



1 Response to “lipstick”

  1. 1 amanda February 12, 2011 at 9:17 am

    i love this story!

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