so far so good, sort of

hello world,

i am crawling out from under my rock of sickness. tuesday night, i came home from work with a sore throat and a terrible headache. i went to bed almost before V was totally settled. and i didn’t get out for about 24 hours. ugh.

i knew i had an appointment with my ob thursday morning, but i figured i should probably go to the regular doctor first. i really like my family practice and i’ve rarely seen the same doctor twice. (when i go, i tend to be sick enough i don’t care who i talk to.) my self diagnosis was strep throat. i knew it had been going around at V’s school, but the doctor and the doctor who was learning said i didn’t have the typical signs. they tested me for that and the flu. survey says: strep throat. it’s awful! i haven’t had this since i was a little girl and i don’t remember it being nearly this debilitating.

next stop, ob’s office. since i didn’t have the flu, i decided to go instead of reschedule. as soon as i got called back by the nurse, i gave her my diagnosis and she put me in a room asap so i couldn’t infect the other pregnant ladies- which is fair.

finally, my doctor came in and as i reflect on our conversation now, i probably should have paid more attention or answered her with more words, but i was barely functioning at this point having been up and moving for three hours. terrible.

the good news: everything looks great with the pregnancy. i saw the little heartbeat and it was super fast and fluttery just like it should be. she said that to be this far along and for the baby to have that strong of a heartbeat means we should be in the clear. we’re still not telling anyone until the 3 month mark which will be march 1st. so far so good.

then i filled my prescriptions, went home and fell into bed. this illness really took it out of me. however, today, i’m showered and currently washing all sheets, towels and pretty much anything i’ve touched in the past two days. i wish it was spring so i could air out the house.

feeling like a person again,



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