the clothing dilemma

dear world,

i reached the moment yesterday when my regular pants simply became too tight. to be fair, i did gain some weight the old fashioned way (you know, by eating too much) over the holidays so my pants fit a little tight anyway, but now it’s because of being pregnant. i gave up on the last pair yesterday.

but, here’s the problem: i haven’t told anyone that i’m pregnant yet and i’m starting to look pregnant. how on earth am i going to hide this for a month?

i discovered that dresses disguise my middle the best, especially the maternity dresses that are designed for women way farther along than me. they hang nicely without clinging. the only downside is that none of them have pockets. oh well.

so i bought some new dresses and broke out my old pants from when i was pregnant with V. fortunately, they fit again. at least i don’t have to buy more. i’ve been looking online and there is a severe shortage of non-black maternity pants. how did this happen? why is it a fashion faux pas to wear brown trousers?

i’m also started to gain confidence that this pregnancy will go forward. nothing has happened to indicate a problem and i’m really starting to have some of the more typical pregnancy symptoms. (i’ve had a lot of sprite lately.) i guess i would say i feel cautiously optimistic.

comfortable again,



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