football season follies

dear world,

i am not the biggest fan of sports. allow me to illustrate: it’s the end of december and MHM and i are sitting in the living room. i am watching some random show on tv and MHM looking at his phone.

MHM: bowl season starts today.

me: what?

MHM: you know, college football bowls. there are 35 of them!

me: i hate * sports. (*insert more colorful language here. your choice.)

now, i understand that college football is over. as part of my marriage it is essential that i pay some attention to the wide wide world of sports or lose the ability to converse on some days. however, it is now nfl football playoffs. it never ends.

here’s my ray of sunshine in the darkness of playoff season: cake wrecks. i heard a great interview with the author of this blog recently on the radio. apparently she recently published a book from the work of her blog and it’s supposed to be great. in the interview, she tells the story of how the blog began then expanded. she started by finding the cake wrecks herself and now gets over 50 submissions a day. who knew there were so many cake wrecks out there! here are my sport-related favorites. (please note her captions are much funnier than mine.)

actual helmet model

broccoli helmet

words cannot describe this

thanks for the laugh,



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