potty training: a victory lap

dear world,

i am now able to say with a straight face and absolute veracity that V is potty trained!

frankly, she’s been doing really great for a couple of months. no accidents on the long drive to and from NY, no accidents at school for longer than i can remember and i rarely put her in a pull up if we’re going to the store. however, this morning marks the turning point.

after breakfast, we climb up the stairs and V goes into her room and i head into the bathroom. she listens to songs and reads books, i put on makeup and get ready for work. she got a little quiet and i asked if she needed to go potty, but she said no so i kept moving. then, i hear her padding down the hall. i look up and she says, mommy, i have to poop. and she did.

i am so proud. i am so pleased. i gave her m&m’s at 7:30am because she deserved them. we are going to the build a bear store on saturday for her special bear. that was the deal. once she’s officially potty trained she gets a special bear.

pleased as punch,


ps- i’m fully aware that she will still have accidents and that she probably will not continue to tell me every time before she poops, but this is a serious milestone. i’m celebrating!


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