amazing connections

hello world,

the past couple days, V has blown me away with how her mind connects all the pieces of information rolling around in there. i often imagine her memory to be similar to a goldfish at this point – the important stuff like eating comes naturally and the rest surfaces as necessary or never again if deemed not useful.

a couple days ago, she only wanted her pop and too bad, so sad he had already left for school. my point is that this was not a solvable problem. tears, whining, wet-noodling ensued. then, i had an epiphany. i called her dora. it surprised her so much she stopped fussing and pretended to be dora for the rest of the morning. i’m dora mommy! this is dora’s puppy mommy!

amazing connection #1: i did not know she understood how to pretend like this. she has been dora most of the time for the last two days.

on a completely different note, we had a very serious discussion about eyebrows during dinner wednesday evening. it was just the two of us since MHM was down with a stomach flu. we pointed to our eyebrows, we traced our eyebrows. we concluded that most people, but not everybody, had eyebrows.

then, in the car on the way to school the next morning, we again discussed eyebrows which led to a conversation about eyes and eye color. (V and i both have green.) V started to blink her eyes. look, mommy, i’m blinking. i’m blinking like my slippers blink. blink, blink, blink!

amazing connection #2: she does indeed have slippers that light up. i never would have connected blinking my eyes to blinking lights on slippers. she is smarter than me.

simply astounded,



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