sunday is not for napping

hello world,

napping is for the birds or at the very least not for my child. we had a busy morning, she started to get a little kooky around lunchtime so we fed her a little earlier and took her up for settle down.

first, she flat out refused to settle down with me. i mean, she literally put her body flat on the floor and bawled. second, she put her animals to bed over and over and over again- for like 30  minutes. finally, i accepted the fact that she was just riling herself up more and more and a nap was not going to happen.

we ran errands. we had a snack. we watched a charlie brown valentine. we iced frozen christmas cookies we hadn’t quite gotten around to frosting before christmas. we watched dora. then, around 5pm, she says, i’m going upstairs. i’m ready for settle down now. i want to go to sleep now.

well, that was not an option. if she took a nap at 5pm it would mess her up far worse than waiting 2 more hours until an early bedtime. after a complete meltdown and an accident, we both took a deep breath and did our own thing for a while. i put on one of her favorite albums and she played legos on the kitchen floor while i cooked dinner.

we ate, i gave her a bath and she was asleep by 7:30pm. poor kid.

aside from not accomplishing the chores i planned to do during nap, it amazes me how my entire job for the day shifts when she’s clearly overtired. it’s a fine line between peace and out of control. she’s not being bad, but when she gets too tired she loses the tenuous grasp she has on emotional control and everything is emphasized. the good stuff is really good and her laughs are a little loony. the bad stuff is earth shattering and the tears won’t stop. it’s my job to keep her on the peaceful side of the line as much as possible and get her through the meltdowns.

sitting quietly by myself,



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