aging gracefully

dear world,

as i stood putting my make-up on this morning, i went to brush a hair off my forehead and arrived at a startling realization. that was not a hair. that was a line. you know, a line as in a wrinkle.

when did this happen? i remember cruising through my 20’s thinking the sun’s rays won’t give me wrinkles. phooey on you sunscreen. i’m invincible.

well, it turns out i am not invincible. as i approached, arrived at, then passed 30 years, i’ve had to add moisturizer to my daily routine. i’ve had to add concealer to cover the dark circles under my tired eyes. i’ve had to brighten my eyelids so you don’t notice the crows feet edging my lashes.

i remember watching those commercials for anti-wrinkle creams with sarah jessica parker on them and thinking, but she has no wrinkles! i think she secretly does have forehead wrinkles and can pay a stylist to make them disappear. she has 3 kids- of course she has forehead wrinkles.

however, this is what it is. i’m not rich, willing or able to pay a doctor or a stylist to erase my wrinkles. i am choosing to believe that this is the result of having a daughter i love and choosing to care about her health and happiness. i am in my 30’s and living a life built upon my experiences. i am still going to use moisturizer, but that’s about all i can commit to in terms of easing my wrinkles’ progress.

creased but cool with it,



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