2011: a new beginning

dear world,

to say that 2011 started off very differently from the end of 2010 would be a bit of an understatement. we all slept in. V took a real nap. we had friends over for dinner. we ate solely vegetarian meals for several days.

oh yeah, and i took a pregnancy test which came out positive. happy new year! here we go again.

i’m at once excited and apprehensive about this pregnancy since the last one didn’t last too long. we haven’t told our families yet and i’m not planning to tell anyone including work until i reach the second trimester. i know that’s par for the course for most people these days, but it’s not my style. i hate keeping secrets and as a result i’m not very good at it. but what i hate more is telling news that makes me sad to people i love. or more frankly, telling people i have to see everyday because then they’ll know i’m sad.

but, this is not sad. this is a new beginning and we’ll see where we end up. i’m feeling good. i’m meeting with a dietitian next week to figure out how to eat properly and i see the doctor at the beginning of next month.

here’s hoping,



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