the end of 2010: a re-cap

hello world,

the end of 2010 proved quite eventful for my little family. after all my build up and excitement about celebrating, the holidays didn’t go exactly as i imagined it would.

MHM’s folks live in central upstate NY and it takes us about 8 hours to drive there. V didn’t have a single accident on the way there or back and i am so proud. the downside is that she woke up the day we left with a barky cough that got worse that evening. we also got news that MHM’s grandmother went into the hospital.

the next day, i went one way to take V to the urgent care and MHM went the other way to visit his grandmother in the hospital since it was likely she wouldn’t make it. ultimately, she was declared terminal and was able to spend her final days in her own home which is what she wanted.

christmas morning, V had a fever and a cough. we got so caught up in opening presents that i completely forgot about second breakfast until poor V was on the edge of a meltdown. finally around lunch, we scrapped all original plans and i stayed home with V who napped and MHM and uncle g went to their pop’s for christmas dinner. i mostly read my book.

while we were there, MHM’s grandmother passed and we were able to attend the services. V and i went to the calling hours and MHM went to the full service. then we drove home the next day. not exactly a stress-free week and MHM and i barely saw each other unless we were in the car driving.

finally, new year’s eve, we’re all trying to get back into our house-at-home rhythm before school/school/work the following monday. as i’m upstairs doing bedtime with V, we hear a tremendous crash. i thought, what did the cat knock over this time? i hear MHM call out, a little help?

that’s right- you guesses it. the christmas tree spontaneously toppled over onto the living room floor shattering ornaments and flinging pine needles everywhere. after i finally got V down and we finally got the whole mess cleaned up, i really felt finished with 2010. 2010, i quit you.

to wrap up the year, we sat on the sofa together and watched the back to the future marathon on whatever channel and drank our vodka. i was asleep by 12:05am. happy new year.

ready for a new beginning,



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