holiday expectations

hello world,

i’ve been thinking a lot about our upcoming holiday travel and visits with extended family. this year, we’re spending actual christmas with MHM’s folks, eating christmas dinner with the other side of his family and celebrating again the day after christmas with his mother’s extended family.

MHM’s parents are divorced and i’ve conducted the negotiations surrounding which meals we eat with which family members this year. it’s remarkably complex, but i think we’ve finally nailed it down. the last pin to put into place was my sister, aunt b.

we’re celebrating with my side of the family the first weekend in january which means nana won’t be there christmas morning. aunt b, however, lives within an hour of grandma and grandpa’s house so naturally i invited her to spend christmas morning with us.

i assumed she would want to do this. after talking with her for a long time last night, it turns out i was wrong. in my mind, what else would you do christmas morning than wake up with whatever family lived near by, open presents and have some breakfast? since our side of the family isn’t celebrating until january, it simply didn’t occur to her that this should happen. why would i come that morning? she asked.

for me, christmas morning is a time to spend with whatever family you have about and take your time enjoying the moment. i am generally the least festive of anyone i’m related to (by marriage or by birth) so it really surprised me that not everyone thinks like i do on the subject. i am going to try to create a nice, relaxed environment for V christmas morning with whoever happens to be there. as long as she feels special and gets some sense of the magic of that morning, i’ll be satisfied.

expecting the unexpected,



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