counting down the days

dear world,

V is so excited for christmas that we’re counting down the days.

we move the christmas tree forward one number each morning on our snowman advent calendar. (i don’t think it’s technically an advent calendar because there’s no surprise inside each pocket. we just count our numbers every morning. V can go all the way up to 20 at this point.)

then we recite the plan for what’s happening each day of the week leading up to the holiday:

  • sunday: watch football with pop
  • monday: go to school and eat broccoli and noodles for dinner
  • tuesday: gymnastics with coach K and coach T
  • wednesday: take a long car ride to… grandma and grandpa’s house!
  • thursday: hang out with grandma and grandpa and sing songs
  • friday: put out cookies for santa
  • saturday: santa comes!

as you can probably gather, it can be a bit challenging to think of something to look forward to every day of the week, but with the right emphasis broccoli and noodles can be pretty exciting not to mention tasty. and we’re learning the days of the week as we go.

looking forward to christmas morning,



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