sassy, sassy, sassy

hello world,

i know V is 2. if you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s 2 1/2. so truly, it should not surprise me that she’s sassy these days. but it does. it always does.

bedtime has become a real treat. she’ll go through her normal routine, get through her stories peacefully (peacefully here means falling out maybe once or twice, but no more) and then when it’s time to actually get into her bed it’s on. it’s like all the quiet settling down was really an amp up to lights out.

she literally pops up from laying down and bounces back and forth from end to end in her crib. i try to just let her settle and then she really gets going. does anyone know what a seat drop is? she learned this at gymnastics on the trampoline. she’ll jump-jump-jump and then pull her legs up and drop onto her butt. seriously. seat drops in bed.

ultimately, after she’s tired herself out and we’ve returned little puppy to her she’ll go to sleep. she thinks she’s hilarious. i am not laughing. i hope this terrible 2 business really ends about the time she turns 3. i wish i had good advice or wonderful tricks to share, but alas, i’m just plodding along hoping something works sometimes. it’s the best i can do to get through it.

standing up to the sassiness,



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