choosing the right gift for V

dear world,

i’m going to be honest. it simply never occurred to me to ask V what she wants santa to bring her this christmas. i didn’t realize she understood or cared about santa. or for that matter even knew that santa brings children gifts. this is not a discussion she and i have had together.

last week as i dropped her off at school, she points out a picture of santa and tells me that santa is going to bring her a horse. oh, really? yes, mommy, a white horse.

ok. santa’s elves and i have been searching for a white horse appropriate for a 2 1/2 year old since that moment and finally, finally, the elves and i found a winner. today, on a break from work, i picked up the gift at our local toy store which will wrap in special santa paper to help santa’s gift stand out even more.

and the woman who wrapped the gift could not have moved more slowly. seriously, she literally paused between each fold of the paper. i don’t know what on earth she was considering, but she really thought hard about it. it was like watching a pot of water boil. i thought, maybe if i go look over here for a while she’ll be done when i look back. nope. only 2 more folds. after several long minutes, i stood there transfixed by her near non-motion. i’ve never in my life seen anyone take as long as this person did to wrap a gift. or move that slowly in general.

santa elves were baffled, understanding that they wrap gifts for all the children in the world and get them delivered in one night. it was amazing.

looking forward to christmas morning,



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