i’m going to eat on thanksgiving day

dear world,

we have survived our first thanksgiving dinner in the house where we live. MHM cooked turkey, stuffing and made gravy. i attempted and failed at rolls, successfully pulled off homemade cranberry sauce and ran to the store for fresh green beans hours before we sat down to the table. all in all, quite tasty.

V loved it. she woke up early and after second breakfast, she and i watched the macy’s thanksgiving day parade on tv. i do not know why she loves parades so much, but she is riveted. she loved watching the dancers, seeing the marching bands, floats and giant balloons. after about 1 1/2 hours, i realized she hadn’t moved from the sofa so we turned it off.

i thought, let’s get some energy out so she’ll take a good nap before dinner. silly me.

we did jumping jacks- make an x, make an i. we did snake and downward dog. then we did a little song to the tune of “frere jaque” that goes “marching marching, marching marching, hop hop hop! hop hop hop! running running running, running running running, freeze and stop! freeze and stop! obviously you must do the action accompanying the words and we sure did it for about an hour. i was exhausted, V not so much.

after a light lunch, we went upstairs to settle down for a nap. that did not work. shockingly, after a parade, the anticipation of turkey dinner and a visit from nana and aunt beth coupled with an hour of physical activity, V could not and would not take a nap. after 2 or 3 more tries, i just gave up.

i have now concluded that on special holidays naps are no longer an option. V does not need to take a nap on christmas or easter or any other holiday that involves excitement, eating and possibly a parade. if i do not plan for her to nap, then i will not be frustrated or behind schedule when she fails to sleep. frankly, this is more for me than for her. maybe we’ll let her watch a movie to get in some quiet time, but no more holiday naps.

spreading some holiday cheer,



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