saturday night fever… or not

dear world,

let me tell you about my stunning saturday night:

1. V would not settle. she wanted to read another story. she sang to herself. she took off her shorts that she insisted on wearing over her pajamas. she took off her shirt. she pulled the rocking chair over to her crib and banged it for a while.

2. MHM settled like nobody’s business. by the time i came back downstairs from putting V back down he was half asleep on the sofa.

3. 9pm – V not asleep. MHM snoring on the sofa. me, frustrated and bored.

i painted my nails. i watched really bad tv. i narrowly avoid purchasing a bunch of stuff i don’t need online. i stayed up way too late drinking wine. at least i got to sleep in a little this morning and made pancakes when i got up.

loving a nice sunday morning breakfast together,



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