mommy moment of the month

hello world,

last night, i took V to her gymnastics class. she takes gymnastics at this wonderful gym for small people that’s been around since i was a small person. wendy’s gymnastics is a great gym with equipment designed for kids. it’s a place where your child can literally bounce off the walls. especially as the days get shorter and outside time is dwindling, having space to blow off steam for an active child is such a relief for her and for me.

V and i arrived, took off our socks and shoes then ate some grapes. (gymnastics goes from 5:30pm- 6:15pm which is a little tough for a hungry girl.) after snack, she ran and ran and ran with some big girls before class started. V’s biggest challenge comes from staying with the group during the warm up. there are so many kids doing so many other things at the same time that it can be quite difficult to focus.

enter the mommy moment. V still has a snotty nose. and i am generally unprepared these days. (see the previous post.) as we’re in the middle of dangling from the bars and executing forward rolls, V looks up at me and says, mommy, i have boogies! sure enough, boogies are dripping down her face. do i have a tissue? of course not.

i use my hand. i use my shirt. i use my pants. i am covered in boogies.

this girl has more snot running out of her nose than i would have thought possible, but she’s having so much fun that i don’t want to stop and take her to the bathroom to get toilet paper. we made do.

enjoying the *best* part of being a mommy,



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